Multi-generational cannabis farmers

Each blend contains 100-percent California-grown flower, cultivated by second- and third-generation growers from the state’s famed Emerald Triangle region. BigMike is committed to working with growers who, like him, have shown loyalty to the community for years, and w have perfected the art of cultivating cannabis — an extremely complex plant that requires daily attention, precise environmental conditions, proper nutrition, and the care of an experienced cultivator.


Cannabis Community

One overlooked fact about BigMike is his unwavering commitment to the cannabis community. Since its inception, Advanced Nutrients has only distributed its products through hydroponic stores — never online directly to consumers or through big-box retailers like Home Depot. This ensures that only those loyal to the cannabis industry are supported. Likewise, BigMike looks forward to working directly with the pioneers and risk takers who opened dispensaries, despite the many difficulties they faced. BigMike knows all too well that cannabis is the most difficult business in the world, and he is committed to working directly with store owners and supporting the community he’s been a part of for 35 years.

Greater outcomes

While strain names remain relevant to cultivators and cannabis aficionados, product consistency of individual strains can vary greatly depending on when, where and how they  were grown. This makes strain-based solutions often unreliable in the marketplace and, even worse, frustrating for consumers. BigMike’s Blends standardizes the process through developing the most complex terpene and cannabinoid profiles based on multiple genetics. The result? Greater and more consistent outcomes. Consumers can now enjoy a pre-roll that helps them get motivated, think more creatively, have better sex or better sleep — each and every time.

Grown with Advanced Nutrients

Naturally, every bud that goes into these blends is raised exclusively using Advanced Nutrients products. Not only does this ensure the cleanest, most flavorful and consistent cannabis possible, it also means that BigMike’s Blends are compliant with California’s Proposition 65, which regulates the use of carcinogenic compounds in consumer products.


Every batch of flower grown for BigMike’s Blends is laboratory tested, both before and after blending. This is done not only to uphold the highest quality and standards of cleanliness, but also to ensure the correct amount of each strain’s unique cannabinoid and terpene profile makes it into the blend.

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