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BigMike’s Blends is a customized range of pre-rolls, each formulated for a specific outcome.

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morning motivator

A Higher State of Wake ’N’ Bake  

Wake up, feel great, and have the confidence you need to take on the world with Morning Motivator. This blend has been tested by millionaire entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs, top performers, professional athletes— and the feedback has been enthusiastically positive across the board(room). People love it! When you’re ready to make the most of your morning the same way BigMike does, spark up a little Morning Motivator and see how much more productive your day becomes.

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Kreative Kingdom

Enhanced Creativity, Solutions and Imagination

All great artists have a process. Whenever you need to get those juices flowing, Kreative Kingdom is the spark your imagination needs. Specially formulated to open your mind in a way that allows optimal creativity to flow, this blend is ideal for artists, musicians, writers, designers, business owners, or anyone looking to be their most imaginative self. BigMike uses Kreative Kingdom to brainstorm the business ideas, strategies and tactics that have driven him and his companies to the top of the industry. When you need to get into an inventive mindset, this blend will inspire your inner visionary.

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mellow me

Calm PTSD and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety spike our cortisol levels, wreak havoc on our nervous systems and speed up the aging process. Consuming just any ol’ strain can trigger anxiety and make it worse when using the wrong cannabis products. The reason for that unwelcome anxiety upsurge is you’re not using the right terpene and cannabinoid combinations. BigMike knows this all too well, so he developed this proprietary blend for the sole purpose of combating rising cortisol levels and relieving stress. Ideal for people with anxiety disorders, including veterans and those suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, Mellow Me is a safe alternative to dangerous sedatives and benzodiazepines. If you want to relax and ease the racing, worrisome thoughts, look no further than Mellow Me.


Pain Tamer

Deep, Lasting Relief

The opioid epidemic has reached crisis level in our nation. Fueled by Big Pharma payoffs, doctors are handing out dangerously addictive pain pills like they’re candy. BigMike knows that there’s a safer, healthier, all-natural alternative. That’s why he curated this special blend for the primary purpose of reducing pain and increasing comfort and ease of movement. So, kick those pills to the curb and discover nature’s remedy. This powerful blend features a terpene and THC/CBD profile that’s optimized to express the full potential of pain and inflammation-fighting properties of cannabis.


hells bells

Bring the Fire. Be the Party.

Hells Bells is “the fire” pre-roll blend that provides a clean high and turns even a wallflower into the life of the party. It’s for those times when you want to be social, feel euphoric and simply have a great time. Ready to ignite the room with larger-than-life energy? Spark up Hells Bells and experience the same electricity that BigMike feeds from. Feed the fire. Be the party.

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sensual sensations

Deeper Oohs and Aahs!

When you and your special someone are ready for some one-on-one time, set the mood with Sensual Sensations. This powerful blend is the perfect aphrodisiac that will take you and your partner to the height of pleasure. Optimized with a flavorful, pleasure-inducing terpene and cannabinoid combination, Sensual Sensations will help you achieve a night filled with intimacy, love and romance you won’t soon forget.

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dank dreams

The Ultimate in Deep, Restorative Sleep

Nothing rejuvenates our bodies and minds quite like a peaceful night’s sleep. When BigMike’s done crushing the day, he sparks this special deep-sleep blend for reliable, restorative rest, every night. He tested dozens of versions of this blend before finding the one that could quell the insomnia of a man who runs an international cannabis company. Those who have tried Dank Dreams affirm that they wake up feeling more alert, rested and refreshed — and ready to take on the world.