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Cannabis has been BigMike’s life since 1983,

when he built his first grow op and dedicated his time to making cannabis an acceptable and everyday part of healing humanity.

For years, BigMike cultivated bud across California and British Columbia, overseeing grow ops that generated millions of dollars’ worth of premium weed. Through this experience, he learned first-hand about one of the biggest problems facing growers: a lack of cannabis-specific nutrients. They simply didn’t exist. Growers were making do with whatever plant food they had available, or relied on hand-me-down recipes passed through word of mouth or publications like High Times.

As a grower who intimately understood this need,

BigMike pushed cannabis nutrition and cultivation science to the highest levels, which led to the development of Advanced Nutrients. Today, Advanced Nutrients sells its products in more than 100 countries across the globe and is recognized as the gold standard by cannabis growers everywhere.

BigMike and his team — comprised of 25+ Ph.D.’s and their research assistants, along with the world’s foremost cannabis-growing experts — have been responsible for more than 50 firsts in the world of cannabis cultivation technology. Along with being the first company to manufacture nutrients specifically for cannabis growing, Advanced Nutrients was the first to hold a national government license to grow cannabis for research purposes.

A serial entrepreneur and industry groundbreaker,

BigMike is also founder of Lacturnus Labs, a $20 million-plus cannabis research facility — the first of its kind on US soil, and home to the industry-leading research team behind Advanced Nutrients and BigMike’s Blends.